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*Please note, this product is custom woven when your order is placed, please allow 6–12 months for completion.


Dulcena's Fancy and I have been courting each other since my first winter apprenticeship with Kate Smith and Norman Kennedy in 2007. A detail photo of a varigated stripe blanket woven ca. 1850 by Dulcena Dewey of Stark, New Hampshire was included in Handwoven Textiles of Early New England, a copy of which I inherited from my grandmother. The unusal design instantly captivated me, the interplay of fine and broad stripes being both classic and remarkably fresh. Since only a small portion of the blanket is depicted and its current whereabouts are unknown, I've taken the liberty of extrapolating a full repeat inspired by Dulcena's original. Since 2007 I've returned to this design numerous times, each version a unique result of the natural indigo, madder, and cutch dye. With a singles cotton warp and singles wool weft, these thin blankets are perfect for summer sleeping or pair with a heavier all-wool blanket in winter. 

Blanket—Dulcena's Fancy

    • 94" x 99", will fit up to a queen sized bed
    • Singles cotton warp, singles wool weft
    • Naturally dyed with indigo, madder, and cutch
    • Plain weave
    • Constructed of two panels joined at the center and hemmed, all sewing by hand
    • Hand or gentle wash cold, flat or line dry
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